Jan Willem Krijger

 Sculptor, 3D designer, Painter. Born in the Netherlands in 1957

 **Jan Willem Krijger's Artistic Enchantment: A Whimsical Dance of Form**

For those who harbor a deep appreciation for the elegance of unadulterated design, the aesthetic forms crafted by Jan Willem Krijger serve as a delectable feast for the visual senses. His puristic compositions are a captivating fusion of organic and geometric shapes that frolic through space with a playful grace. As a result, every corner of his art promises an unforeseen delight, ensuring that viewers are perpetually caught off guard in the most delightful way. The artistic revelations of this visionary are born from a place of "silently shaping from within." These are forms that one has yet to encounter. They are not conjured by the mind nor do they draw inspiration from anything or anyone else. Instead, they emerge beyond the clamor of intellect and thought. It's this very quality that accounts for the tranquility, harmony, and equilibrium they exude. It's hardly a surprise when one considers that Krijger commenced his meditation journey at the tender age of sixteen, dedicating himself daily to inner exploration—an invaluable wellspring from which his creative manifestations arise. The harmony and playfulness inherent within a form alone can imbue happiness, and this is precisely the intent of this artist. His personal motto, "originality is the highest form of creativity," resonates powerfully throughout his work, upholding its truth.

Jan Willem Krijger's artistic versatility materializes through four distinct creative expressions:

1. **Bronze Sculptures:** These encompass both unique pieces and series of eight ranging in height from 30 cm to 180 cm

2. **White Sculptures:** Ranging in height from 60 cm to 180 cm.

3. **Golden Wall Art:** Architecturally inspired creations reaching heights of up to 160 cm.

4. **Galactic Wall Art:** A futuristic series of reliefs including "The Arrival Hall on Jupiter," "The Arrival Hall on the Moon," and "The Arrival Hall on Uranus."

In recent times, Krijger has embarked on a journey into the realm of "Colored Wall Art," spanning heights of 100 to 160 cm. Additionally, he relishes the opportunity to craft bespoke pieces tailored to adorn your walls or gardens. The time has come to acquaint yourself with an artist who operates within the "Beyond the Mind" atelier.


Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in his sculptural world, whether within the atelier's walls or via his online portfolio. Schedule an appointment by calling 06-13366371 or embark on a digital journey at www.jwkrijger.com.

Born in 1957, Jan Willem Krijger's artistic journey was ignited by his wanderings through the sculpture gardens of Europe from an early age. At fourteen, he found inspiration in the pioneers of modern sculpture, such as Brancusi and Henry Moore. Intertwined with esoteric experiences at the age of sixteen, this period of his life gave rise to the creation of up to two hundred ceramic sculptures annually—a prolific foundation that laid the groundwork for his distinct visual language. His studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, coupled with hands-on experiences with Italian masters in Carrara, provided his inspiration and technical finesse with a vigorous boost. Krijger's journey led him to reside and create for over two decades across international landscapes, including America, Italy, and Aruba—cultivating his artistry and nurturing his creative endeavors. Today, his works grace collections in the United States, the Netherlands, and beyond. Prepare to be enchanted by the harmony and equilibrium encapsulated within his creations—an invitation to revel in the joy found within original and whimsical forms.


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