About Jan Willem Krijger

 Sculptor, 3D designer, Painter. Born in the Netherlands in 1957

“Originality is the highest form of creativity “

Being creatively inspired at the age of 14, I was surrounded with all the books from the modern artists like Moore to Miro. Combined with the esotheric experience  at the age of 16, it resulted in an enourmous production of ceramic sculptures up to 200 pcs a year. This high production phase was a major step that gave shape to my form vocubulairy for the future. Working and living for many years in Italy, carving with the italian masters was the next experience to follow my creative destiny. Having lived in 6 countries, like USA and the carribean, you will find my work in many private art  collections.

Purpose of my Art is to expand consciousness, making the vieuwer happy

Making Art is an expanding experience as you are living in the "here and now ". Purpose of my forms is creating purity and simplicity in form, creating visual harmony, peace and joy for the eye and soul.

Creating Proces and form language

My Art froms are usually organic shapes combined with geometrical forms, as they appear on the way of creating a form. Making hundreds of drawings a week I would take one out  to enlarge it as a Wall Art form. The Galactic art series in an architectual Wall Art form are my latest examples.

Happy colours in combination with gold will usually give the spectator a sense of alignment .

The bronzes have usually no specific colours since a highly polished surface will accentuate their form. 



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Jan Willem Krijger, sculptor

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